I am a researcher and educator working at the intersection of international relations, political economy and social theory.

I’m interested in understanding the political, social and cultural underpinnings of the global economy. I’ve written about the history of international financial governance in the 20th century, the changing practices of international organizations like the IMF and World Bank and the role of risk, ambiguity, and vulnerability in global politics.

My current SSHRC-supported research looks at economic exceptionalism, and tries to understand the extent to which governments have responded to recent and past economic crises by declaring them exceptional moments requiring a suspension of liberal political and economic norms. By adopting and modifying certain concepts from critical security studies, I am exploring the practices that define the relationship between the norm and the exception, the free market and democracy, and inclusion and exclusion in the global political economy.

I’ve written books on the central problem of failure in global governance, the historical role of ambiguity in international finance, cultural political economy, and the return of the public in global governance.

I am an editor of the Review of International Political Economy (RIPE), a leading international journal dedicated to publishing cutting-edge research on the international political economy from a diversity of theoretical, empirical and disciplinary perspectives.

You can also follow me on or Researchgate.

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